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DVLM-200 1080P HD Digital Video Transmission System

DVLM-200 is designed for live video wireless monitoring for outdoor sports, outdoor video broadcasting, outdoor photography / cinematographer. It seamlessly transmits footage captured by action cameras in big range. It is a compact and portable device with industrial dust and waterproof design, weighing only 270g.Support real-time mortaring from HDMI device. With good channel selection ability and video encryption, it perfectly fits video transmission requirement of outdoor applications.

Detailed parameters ① More than 2KM Ultra-long transmission distance; 
② The first digital video transmission system with perfect Wall penetration ability (at least 2 walls) in China;
③ Synchronous Audio function display;   
④ High Video Resolution: Up tp 1080p@60fps;
⑤ Low latency:Less than 100ms;
⑥ Support with data transmit through WIFI
⑦ Wide voltage input: 4.5v~12.6v DC 
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