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  • DVLM-200 1080P HD Digital Video Transmission System

    DVLM-200 is designed for live video wireless monitoring for outdoor sports, outdoor video broadcasting, outdoor photography / cinematographer. It seamlessly transmits footage captured by action cameras in big range. It is a compact and portable device with industrial dust and waterproof design, weighing only 270g.Support real-time mortaring from HDMI device. With good channel selection ability and video encryption, it perfectly fits video transmission requirement of outdoor applications.

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  • DVLM-100 1080P HD Digital Video Transmission System

    DVLM-100 is the live streaming industry wireless system, include one transmitter and one recevier. With SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology,supports uncompressed HDMI wireless transmitted in 2KM, and with perfect Wall penetration ability (at least 2 walls). The system is pure hardware connection, plug and play build-up, which is widely used in on-site shooting,director monitoring and live streaming. The Receiver module has both HDMI output and wifi output, so the wireless video can be displayed on a Monitor and mobilephone at the same time.

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  • DVL1 1080P ultra-long digital video transmission system In order to allow you to travel further and see more clearly, Wuxi R2TECK developed the first 1080P ultra-long digital video transmission system. Achieved the more than 5KM transmission distance in the air and lowering latency(less than 100ms) technology. View More
  • DVL-2 for Long distance 1080p digital video transmission system DVL-2 is the vehicle 1080p ultra-long digital video transmission system which have more transmission distance and lowering latency, support with data transmit through WIFI for mobile devices and HDMI output, multi-person montitoring and built in OSD. View More